Asuhan Kebidanan Komprehensif Pada Ny “M” Di Bpm D Di Bukit Tinggi Tanggal 9 Februari-21 Maret tahun 2018

DINA HERDIANA, DINA HERDIANA (2018) Asuhan Kebidanan Komprehensif Pada Ny “M” Di Bpm D Di Bukit Tinggi Tanggal 9 Februari-21 Maret tahun 2018. Diploma thesis, Stikes Perintis Padang.

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DINA HERDIANA NIM :1515401004 (4) ABSTRAC Maternal mortality rate in Agam District 10 Maternal Mortality Cases from 113 cases while Infant Mortality Rate (0-28 days) as many as 85/1000 deaths. One way to decrease Mortality Rate and Infant Mortality is to provide comprehensive and sustainable Midwifery Care. Pregnancy is defined as fertilization or unification of spermatozoa and ovum and followed by nidation or implantation. Labor is a process of expending the outcome of conception (fetus and placenta) that has been sufficient for months or can live out of the womb through the birth canal or through other pathways, with help or without help (self power). Newborns have 37 weeks to 42 weeks' gestational age, 2500-4000 gram weight, Apgar value> 7 and without congenital defect. The postpartum period begins after the birth of the placenta and ends when the uterus returns as before pregnancy. The puerperium lasts for about 6 weeks. This report is a comprehensive midwifery care conducted at BPS Yelfia, S.Tr.Keb Year 2018 on Ny "Y" G2P0A1H0 from 34-38 weeks' gestation and 2 weeks after delivery, from 12 February to 21 April 2018 from the third trimester of pregnancy, childbirth, childbirth, newborn, to family planning services documented by the application of varney management and documentation of the SOAP matrix.From the observation of the Final Report there was found a gap between theory and practice during implementing comprehensive midwifery care at BPS Yelfia, ST.r, Keb which was given from the beginning of the visit up to the final visit of 9 visits in 2018. Reading List: 19 (2009-2016)

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Subjects: R Medicine > R Medicine (General)
Divisions: Fakultas Ilmu Kesehatan > D3 Kebidanan
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Date Deposited: 08 Oct 2019 08:29
Last Modified: 08 Oct 2019 08:29

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