Asuhan Kebidanan pada Ny.”Y” di PUSTU Sungai Tanang Bukittinggi Tanggal 09 Februari s/d 22 Mei tahun 2018

Elsa Putri Ananda, Elsa Putri Ananda (2018) Asuhan Kebidanan pada Ny.”Y” di PUSTU Sungai Tanang Bukittinggi Tanggal 09 Februari s/d 22 Mei tahun 2018. Diploma thesis, Stikes Perintis Padang.

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Elsa Putri Ananda Nim. 1515401005 (5) ABSTRACT Maternal Mortality Rate in district religion found many as 10 cases of 113 cases of maternal mortality rate while the Infant mortality rate 0-28 days as many as 85 / 1.000 live births. Pregnancy is a period that starts from conception until the birth of the fetus, with a duration 280 days. Labor is the process of expenditure that occurs in a term pregnancy. Puerperium (puerperium) is the period after childbirth required for the recovery of the gynecological tool that lasted 6 weeks. Normal newborn baby is a newborn with a month enough sign 38-42 weeks. Efforts to increase community_awareness_in_realizing_a_happy_small_family_prosperous. This Final Report aims to obtain information, description and experience and can implement comprehensive midwifery care conducted at PUSTU Sungai Tanang on Ny. Y G2P1A0H1 gestasional age 38-39 weeks, which was held on 09 February 2018 to 22 May 2018 from the third trimester of pregnancy, maternity, childbirth, newborn to the selection of contraceptives, all care done documented in the form of Midwifery care of_7_steps_varney_and_SOAP (matrix). From the observation of this Final Report, there is found a gap between theory and practice during implementing comprehensive midwifery care at PUSTU Sungai Tanang years 2018. The author is capable of conducting data collection and assessment, interpreting data, identifying potential problems and diagnoses, identifying potential problems and diagnoses requiring immediate action, establishing midwifery_plans,_implementing_midwifery_care_and_evaluating_care_provided to_Ny.-Y. Reading List: 86 (2006-2016)

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Subjects: R Medicine > R Medicine (General)
Divisions: Fakultas Ilmu Kesehatan > D3 Kebidanan
Depositing User: lena lena
Date Deposited: 08 Oct 2019 08:32
Last Modified: 08 Oct 2019 08:33

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